History. Mission. Vision.

Gryphon Oilfield Solutions is a down hole tool manufacturer, with an ever-expanding portfolio. Our commitment to integrity and efficiency drives us to provide exceptional sale, engineering, manufacturing and filed operations.

At Gryphon we are always looking for innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs. This has led to a wide and varied portfolio which can adapt to current and future needs of the oil industry.

Rock solid integrity is part of our DNA. From commitment to safety to post job analysis, with impeccable quality control in between. We build trust with our customers, vendors, and employees by doing what we say, following up, and ensuring that we do it right.

We pride ourselves in our ability to rapidly proceed from concept to application. Our streamlined team and processes ensure an unparalleled turnaround time, while still remaining cost conscious, which protects and increases our customers’ profitability. Being able to develop the right tool for the job means better results for all stakeholders.

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Our Core Values

- Do what we say internally and externally.
- Trusted quality & safety every time, all the time.
- Employee collaboration & retention

 - Turn around time / Cycle Time
- Constant Improvement
- Reliable
- Adaptable
- Profitable

Market Application Driven
- Listen to the voice of the customer
- Solution Based
- Respond to market
- Current / Future State

tell us about your needs.

All tools and systems are developed with a mission:

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An expanding portfolio of solutions that address open hole and cemented tool necessities.
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Innovative and efficient engineering that can turn your “what ifs” into reality.
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A variety of technical skills and experience amongst our account representatives.
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Research & Development testing capabilities ensure no stone is left unturned.
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A flexible and streamlined supply chain management process to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.
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A structured HSE management system that ensures complete job safety with minimal impact to the environment.
You can depend on our expertise.
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Did you know?

  • Our R&D teams are here to help you.

    We have a team of people whose sole responsibility is to
    ensure your continual development through prototyping.

  • Based in North America.
    Operational wherever you need us.

    Our tools are utilized across the world in varying operating environments including North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Available Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 6:00 CST

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  • Available 24/7 by Email

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In every job, we aim to fulfill our corporate mission of ensuring exceptional value for our customers through superior operations, innovative solutions, and complete team commitment.